Hello! ⚯͛

Hello! I am Xander, avid reader and Harry Potter collector and expert (if I do say so myself). You might know me from my Instagram, @foreverpotterish. I also have a Twitter @foreverHPish and if you don’t already know, my main blog is foreverbookish.com. This is my new blog chronicling ALL OF MY HARRY POTTER BOOKS! This is the collection of all the stories acquiring foreign, rare, and awesome editions of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and probably some of the other books 😀 I wanted to tell all the stories of acquiring these foreign editions and after seeing hpkolekcja.blogspot.com, and I thought I’d start now, towards the beginning-ish of my collection.

Feel free to ask any questions or say hi! I collect all editions of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, so if you have a unique edition that you don’t want let me know! If you are going to a foreign country, let me know as well!

I’m very excited to share my collecting with you. Let me know if you are a fellow collector!

I hope you enjoy 😀

Xander ⚯͛


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  1. Marymichele says:

    I just came back from Iceland and snagged TPS in Icelandic!!!


    1. Nice! I love my Icelandic copy! Does yours have the same cover as the US Philosopher’s Stone book?


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