#10: Haris Poteris ir Išminties Akmuo {Lithuanian Edition}

Haris Poteris ir Išminties Akmuo by J.K. Rowling

Country: Lithuania

Language: Lithuanian

First Edition Lithuanian hardback

?th printing, printed in 2004

printing of 3000 copies

ISBN: 9789986029199

First printing published 2004 by Alma Littera

Acquired July 27, 2015

Two weeks ago I got a bound manuscript of a book that I really wanted from a friend who picked it up for me at a book convention. I took a pic of the book, tagged the author, and Tweeted it. I get a reply from the author: “Hey, I saw your tweet from earlier in the year, do you have a Lithuanian Harry Potter?” Me: “No! Are you going to Lithuania?” Author: “I have an extra Lithuanian copy. Do you want it?” A week later, the Lithuanian Harry Potter shows up at my door. THANK YOU SO MUCH RUTA! I can’t even describe my happiness. A beautiful hardback that is taller than all my other HPs; it’s the only other book I own that is the same height as Sarah J. Maas’s books. I flipped through it earlier and it puts a smile on my face seeing all the different names in Lithuanian, completely different. it’s awesome. I love this edition SO MUCH. Also, something I really like about this; it has illustrated endpapers! So cool.


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