#12: Harry Potter và hòn đá phù thủy {Vietnamese Edition}

Harry Potter và hòn đá phù thủy by J.K. Rowling

Country: Vietnam

Language: Vietnamese

Second Edition Vietnamese paperback

“183A/QĐ” printing, printed on March 25, 2015

number 464 in a printing of 2000 copies, completed and deposited in the second quarter of 2015

ISBN: 9786041008465

First printing published January 1, 1998 by Nhà Xuất Bản Trẻ

Acquired August 12, 2015

10,000 miles

One day I was scrolling my Instagram feed and I saw a beautiful photo of an author friend’s; taken on his trip in Vietnam. Vietnam. Wait. Vietnam has the edition I’ve always wanted, the edition rumored to be illustrated. The one OOTP is split into 22 DIFFERENT BOOKS WITH DIFFERENT TITLES. Yeah. I DMed him and asked him if he could get his hands on a Vietnamese edition no matter which one it is. Screenshot 2015-08-24 at 10.51.36 PM

A week later, I get a picture of a copy of Philosopher’s from him. My day is made. I am SO LUCKY I got my hands on a copy of Harry Potter và hòn đá phù thủy so early in my collection. Thank you Adi!

This edition is stunning. It comes shrinkwrapped and has debossed letters and sideflaps and a soft cover. And a hologram on the back to make sure you’re buying an official copy. I love it when they have those 😀


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