Harry Potter y la Orden del Fénix {Spanish Paperback Edition}

Harry Potter y la Orden del Fénix by J.K. Rowling

Country: Spain

Language: Spanish

First Edition Spanish paperback

6th printing, printed in July 2011

ISBN: 9788478888849

First printing published February 2004 by Ediciones Salamandra

Acquired July 2015

I ordered this online a while back in hardback for a great price. I’ve been trying to get the entire series in Spanish to read at some point in the future and I thought, “hey, I’ll just get it.” So I did. It came as an ex-library book which I did not order. Coincidentally, the library system it had been in was THE SAME ONE I GO TO. And it shipped from across the country. Weird. I had it on my shelf for a few months and then I opened it up to see the copyright page only to see that IT HAD NONE. Why? Because the first 30 pages were. not. in. the. book. I got my money back, yada yada, and now I can’t read it in full.

About a month ago I Tweeted about my Spanish hardback of Order of the Phoenix coming without the first 30 pages, and I got a reply from someone I’d traded books with previously saying they worked in a used bookstore and they might have some Spanish ones they could trade me. I’m very happy that I have OOTP in Spanish as a COMPLETE book now!

The Salamandra paperbacks are alright. They’re nothing special, and I much prefer the hardbacks. I am still extremely happy that I’m extremely close to having a full set of Spanish editions!


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